Supersonic SPRINTS is a water based, cross linking, highly reactive SI02 based nano-hybrid spray sealant to add extensive protection and gloss quickly and easily whilst rinsing your freshly washed vehicle.

Protects from UV, heat, oxidation & bird lime whilst adding incredible hydrophobic properties and gloss to all plastic, paint, glass & wheel surfaces. SuperSonic SP-RIN-TS is best applied to a vehicle which already has a coating of SuperSonic SI02 sealant applied. Doing so will extend the life and boost the properties of the SuperSonic coating. It will add instant, extensive, hydrophobic water behaviour and durable protection for up to 3 months! A nano-hybrid film will bond to the paintwork or any existing coatings to add protection against fallout, salt and general grime. Has a sweet pineapple fragrance and is ready to use with the provided spray trigger.

Can be used as often as you like to “layer” SP-RIN-TS increasing the gloss, protection and durability of the coating.


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