Top Gloss instant wax drying aid is a spray, instant wax drying aid that gives a layer of protection on your car from a single spray, adds gloss and shine to paintwork, glass, alloy wheels, rubber and plastic surfaces. Top Gloss gives you that 'just waxed' finish in minutes and is the perfect maintenance product to use on your car through the winter months when washing. Top Gloss is so quick to use and gives instant gloss and protection and has been designed to be used through different applications giving you the best finish that suits you.

Top Gloss instant wax drying aid is most common to use via our Autobrite Snow Foam Lance, place Top Gloss into the lance fill it up with water and spray over the wet car and watch the magic happen!  Or more traditionally Top Gloss can be applied via a trigger spray (supplied), our BriteGel trigger to be exact. This will give you a superb even mist coverage on the car, again you would apply Top Gloss this way onto a wet car, rinse to see the magic happen! 

Top Gloss instant wax drying aid can also be placed into your wash bucket along with your shampoo solution. Fill your bucket with your favorite Autobrite Shampoo solution and add the Top Gloss, this will give you a instant wax finish to the car giving you instant protection and gloss to the car, rinse to see the magic happen!

Top Gloss is such a versatile, easy to use product and very rewarding too. Giving you instant gloss and protection in minutes with a application to suit you. You will see before your eyes the Top Gloss's hydrophobic characteristics and instant gloss added to the finish. Protection can be up to 2 months with a single coat of Top Gloss.

Top Gloss

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